Do Allergies Cause Insomnia?

Spring is lekker. The leaves begin to grow, the birds start chirping and the summer sun starts peeping through the clouds. The sun coming out tomorrow perhaps provides the hope we’ve been looking for throughout this crazy lockdown period we’ve been through. As hopeful as we may be, sometimes catching those zzzz’s can be tough. If it’s been tougher than usual lately, it is very much possible that you form part of the 25-50% of people who suffer from allergies; no, not just bee stings or peanuts (although completely valid allergens), we’re talking about the host of other common allergens that pop up around this time of year. Allergies come about when there is excess pollen and other allergens such as dust and pet dander irritate your nasal passages. This causes sneezing, a blocked-nose, headaches and can irritate your eyes too. Keeping your allergies under control will undoubtedly lead to a better night’s sleep.


Here are a few allergens you should be aware of if you wanna be securing those 8 hours:

1)    Dust Mites: If you have dust in your home, you most likely have dust mites. It also just so happens that much like you, they love your bed. However, this problem can be easily solved by washing your sheets regularly in hot water or adding a dust mite cover to your mattress and pillows.

2)    Mold: Mold is caused by dampness which we certainly had no shortage of this past winter. This is even more important if your bedroom has a bathroom attached. If this is the case, make sure you keep fresh air circulating with a fan or open window. No mold = sleep gold.

3)    Pet Dander: Whether you’re a cat or dog person, pets shed microscopic flakes of dead skin otherwise known as pet dander. The best way to manage this is to keep pets off your furniture and out of the bedroom. Making sure you wash your fluffy companion regularly and accompany this a good brush should help keep those allergies at bay.

4)    Pollen: Like that ex that turns up at the worst of times, pollen will find a way to ruin your day without the necessary precautions. Around springtime, the pollen count becomes incredibly high causing major issues for those who suffer from allergies. The easiest way to deal with this is to stay strapped with antihistamines tablets, nasal-sprays and the various other allergy-aiding medicines designed to keep you from spending your springtime snotting your days away. Double check the medicine you take doesn’t make you drowsy, or you might find yourself dozing off mid-meeting.

5)    Avoid Smoke: Cigarette smoke circulates pollutants in the air which will most likely irritate your nasal passages. This goes for wood-fires too. 


A lack of sleep will definitely impact your ability to seize the day. So make sure you try and apply these as best you can and dozing off should be easy like Sunday morning.

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