Blog4U – Milk before bed; a must or to luss?
The lockdown-low has had quite the impact on most of us. With the future looking rather
uncertain, it makes complete sense that our mind and bodies may have some trouble
functioning as they used to. Don’t panic; much like the top produce at Fruit N Veg, its
organic. However, as organic as this stress may be, it certainly does not make for a good
night’s rest. Not only do we have the perfect Bed4U, but we also have some insights on how
drinking milk before bed may be the difference between catching those zzzzz’s or those
zzzzz’s catching up to you.
Although some may deem it childish, I’m sure we have all experienced the calming effect
that enjoying a nice, warm glass of milk can have on you before bed. Throw a slice of toast in
there and its certainly sleepy time for most of us (Grownups are allowed sleepy-time too).
Whether you’re having Happy-Meals or Big-Macs, here’s what the evidence suggests about
having a glass of milk before bed.
1) Routine = sleep! therefore having a glass of milk before bed tells your body that it’s
time to hit the hay. Therefore, by having that glass of milk routinely, you greatly
increase your chances of having a lekker sleep.
2) Able to aid weight loss. Resisting the temptation for that midnight snack can
sometimes be too tall a task. Although a warm glass of milk does not come close to
an Oreo-crusher/hot chocolate, the nutrients present are able to stunt those hunger
pangs. This will definitely aid weight loss and lockdown-blues have been tough on
most of us - Metaphorical food for thought
3) May help digestion: the mixture of milk and honey before bed has been known to
help the healthy digestion. The combination of milk and honey act as a prebiotic and
can help the formation of healthy bacteria, eliminating bad bacteria in the gut.
What’s your combination (Ruben’s Voice).
4) Milk contains amino acids (also known has tryptophan) which help you sleep. Milk
also has melatonin which helps regulate your sleep cycle. You guessed it – better
sleep cycle equals better sleep.
5) If you do not consume any dairy/or animal products, do not fear, we’ve got an
alternative milk-plan right here. Although consuming cow’s milk is common practice,
there are alternatives that have a similar affect. These alterative include coconut
milk, nut milk and almond milk.
The issue with providing a definitive answer to the question of whether a glass of milk
before bed will impact your mind and body positively is not really one for us to answer. The
tips provided above may work for some and not for others, therefore the most important
thing you can do is to find a routine that works for you. One thing we can say is that
although a glass of milk before bed may be a debatable, the quality and comfort of our
products are not. Luxury, style and attention to detail, wrapped in the most affordable
prices around is what you’re guaranteed when shopping with BEDS4U.
A glass of milk may help, but why deal in unknowns. Get to your nearest beds4u today and
start dealing with sure things.