Blog4u - 4 Mattress Myths To Put To Bed
A good night’s sleep really can make the difference in how you deal with The Mother City’s 8 o’clock
traffic. Whether you’re taking the kids to school, heading to the office or trying to sneak in that early
morning run (Uber Eats making life tough for us all), being tired makes any of these three simply not
lekker. But what makes a good night’s sleep? Some put it down a glass of milk before bed or having
the perfect pillow, others say it’s all in the duvet. Yes, these are important factors, however we’re
forgetting arguably the most important factor; the mattress. With all the he said, she said around
the do’s and don’ts mattress management, we thought we would debunk some of the prominent
mattress myths around.
1) Memory foam sleeps hot. Although some customers have reported feeling the heat when
sleeping on foam mattresses, this percentage has been blown way out of proportion. Yes,
you may feel slightly hotter sleeping on foam, however, the percentage of people who feel
this increase in temperature is so small that we suspect that someone may have clipped the
switch for the electric blanket when reaching for the bedside light.
2) The firmer the better. You may think that firmness offers more support, however much like
our elders remind us; too much of the good stuff is bad stuff. Everything in moderation
(except for Koeksisters). If your mattress is too firm, it will most likely be uncomfortable to
sleep on. If too soft, it will not offer enough support. Either of these will create problems for
you in the not too distant future. Since the world has provided more than enough problems
recently, we recommend finding some middle ground with a medium-firm mattress that will
provide support as well comfort. Nice!
3) You must flip your mattress regularly to keep it in good condition. This may have been true
for mattresses back in the day, however modern mattress technology has generally evolved
past this. In fact, most modern mattresses are designed with NON-TURN option, so no flip
required. That being said, rotating your mattress once every few months can help to
compress the mattress evenly, however compression in your mattress is not necessarily a
bad thing. Compression in your mattress simply means that the material is molding and
shaping to the dimensions of your body. Essentially, it’s in love with the shape of you
4) Your mattresses’ age doesn’t affect the quality of your sleep. As much as your mattress
may be loving the shape of you, there comes a time when we must unfortunately say
goodbye to some of the things we love. There’s no set time as to when you must change
your mattress (mostly between 5-10 years), however if the rule of the thumb suggests that
when you begin waking up fatigued or have aches and pains in the body, you should start
thinking about replacing your mattress. We get it, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken, however think
of buying a new mattress like going to the dentist; not fun in the moment, but necessary to
avoid aches and pains (plus, we pride ourselves on having amazingly affordable prices, so
there’s half the issue put to bed)

After debunking these popular mattress myths, we understand if you might be feeling some
confusion regarding your mattress and the next step. Luckily, finding a new, affordable mattress of
only the best quality has never been easier! Simply visit one our stores and let our trusted,
knowledgeable sales assistants assist you in finding the perfect mattress for you. In fact, you don’t
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